How Bad Posture Hurts Your Back

Mom used to say, “Sit Straight!” or “Keep your Shoulders High!” and she was right; posture does matter especially since it affects our overall health. Without knowing, you may be placing undue stress on your spine, which can lead to back pain issues later in life. Start learning the benefits of good posture to reduce future health complications.

Reasons to Start Being Good to Your Back

  • Bad posture causes muscle strains
  • Serious conditions like spinal arthritis and Osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) have been linked to posture
  • Bad Posture contributes to disc and joint problems, like herniated discs
  • Chronic neck pain and back problems can develop later in life

How You can Give Your Back a Break

We’re all prone to bad posture at some point; after all, the easy thing to do is slouch or slump, especially when fatigued. Yes, it takes conscious effort and willpower to change, but consider the long term benefits and you’ll see it will be worth the effort.

Make simple changes today and avoid back pain tomorrow with these posture-friendly tips.

  • Sleeping - Lie on your side and try to avoid lying on your stomach too often. Avoid sagging mattresses whenever possible. Try falling asleep with a flat back on a firm mattress.
  • Standing - Avoid bending forward at the waist. A good standing posture should have the feet at shoulder’s width apart, knees straight, chin parallel to the ground, and shoulders turned back.
  • Sitting - Always keep both feet on the floor and try not to cross your legs for too long. At the computer, make sure your eyes are aligned with the top of the monitor for proper seating position. To prevent lower back pain complications, remember, to get up, walk around and stretch, especially if you lead sedentary lifestyles.
  • Driving - Hold the steering wheel at 4’o’clock positions to avoid straining the back.

More Ways to Support the Spine

Whether sleeping, sitting, or standing, there’s always a lot for our backs to bear. However, you can learn other methods of caring for your back from your doctor, and you may want to consider incorporating spine-strengthening exercises at your local gym. In the meantime, browse these helpful articles on surgery for back pain. And remember, bee sure to consult with your physician or a back specialist before embarking on any serious changes to your daily routine.

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